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December 2011
Daft Europe

European insurance companies still have until December 2012 to amend the approach they take in the determination of premiums and risk so as not to be guilty of discrimination.

The ruling last March...

December 2011
Fourth Edition

Estate Duty: Principles and Planning from LexisNexis South Africa is now in its 4th edition....

December 2011
Salt in the wound

As piracy spreads unchecked insurers, ship owners and charterers are evolving new approaches to managing the risk. This is despite the vacuum created by both the law and the lack of international co-operation or political will that,...

December 2011
Keeping the promise

Employee benefits have historically been provided by companies as a means of attracting and retaining good calibre staff. However, it is important that employees understand the benefits which have been provided for them, as well as any...

December 2011
Planning importance

Results from the first acsis Financial Security Barometer (AFSB revealed that middle-to-upper income South Africans who make use of financial planners are significantly more financially secure than those who do not.


December 2011
Management failure

Assisting over 60 South African organisations manage absenteeism in the workplace has helped Dr. Lerato Motshudi, Medical Advisor, Alexander Forbes Health, identify some interesting trends in in South Africa.


December 2011
Too much information

We live in a high-speed information culture. This makes it very difficult to make the best investment decisions when the pace of technology and our ever-increasing need for immediate information blurs our vision and makes it difficult to...

December 2011
Hope for the best…..

Market volatility is a reality of today and, one of the causes is the occasional misuse of derivatives. So says Mark Mobius of Franklin Templeton. “Of course, not all derivatives are bad. If understood and used appropriately they can be...

December 2011
Personal choice

“Without a plan you’re less likely to achieve your long-term purpose,” says Rob Formby, director of retail operations at Allan Gray.

There are many reasons to invest. You could be saving for retirement or for your child’s...

December 2011
Precise view

Investors looking for offshore exposure often choose countries with rapidly growing economies, hoping this will translate into high returns. Research shows, however, that stock market returns are not, in fact, correlated to a country’s...

December 2011
Shedding some light

What exactly is ‘The Internal Rate of Return?’ (or IRR). Adrian Stone of PSG Asset Management says it might be boring to talk about it, but that we need to understand the IRR because otherwise investors will neither comprehend the reports...

December 2011
Skill or luck?

The recent volatility in local and global stock markets has highlighted the importance for investors to follow a more robust selection process when deciding on which funds to invest their hard earned savings in.


December 2011
Little control

Insuring a plane based or operating in Africa costs on average of four times the cost to insure the same plane in South Africa or any of our neighbouring states. The price difference is almost entirely attributable to the conditions and...

December 2011
Cheaper is usually worse

“Consumers should be wary of signing up for what they perceive to be cheaper insurance products without first reading the fine print,” says Peter Atkinson, National Technical Portfolio Manager at the Financial Intermediaries Association of...

December 2011
Committed solutions

A global private equity investor has notched up a landmark R1 billion committed in the South African affordable housing market. International Housing Solutions (IHS), which recorded its first investment on behalf of the R1.9 billion South...

December 2011
Open cards

A burglary claim on your householders’ insurance policy may be rejected if your home security does not meet your insurer’s minimum security requirements.

Since the proposal form usually lists your insurers’ minimum...

December 2011
Six step solution

DebtSafe is a debt counselling institution that helps clients navigate their way out of financial trouble. It negotiates agreements with relevant creditors for individual clients and says its latest statistics suggest it has so far saved...

December 2011
Spanning the business

The King report, the third in the series, has brought accountability and a culture of governance to the fore in South Africa, and this includes risk and compliance management.

“The early and systematic management of risk...

December 2011
UK reminder

Everyone watched their TV screens in horror and empathised with the business-owners in the UK whose properties were vandalised and in some cases destroyed during the recent riots.

It also begged the question, if riots,...

December 2011
Match the risk

When a life assured stops smoking he must not forget to inform his insurer: he could save as much as 50% in premiums. A financial adviser can review the complex terms and conditions of a life assurance policy, and ensure his client gets a...

December 2011
Balancing act

For many retired people, one of the greatest concerns is the possibility of running out of money. Volatility in the equity market has added to that concern as retirees are often the ones most affected by a fall in markets.


December 2011
Premium event

Just to prove a point the US has fined Emirates Airlines $100 000 for refusing to pay the correct compensation to passengers whose baggage had gone astray. The Montreal Convention 1999 allows $1 890 – about R15 000 – which has to be paid...

December 2011
Behavioural problem

South Africa will never achieve its target to reduce road traffic casualties by 50% in the next decade if drivers continue to flout the law, ignore car maintenance and take a ‘devil may care’ attitude toward drinking and driving. Poor...

December 2011
Real breaks

Those facing retrenchment or retirement can look forward to better tax breaks from this year, with retrenchment or retirement tax-free payments increasing from R30 000 in a lifetime to R315 000, effective from the...

December 2011
Directly aligned

The board of the SA Insurance Association has agreed to set up a committee to address solar water heater replacements of insured electric geysers.

Replacements are part of the South African...

December 2011
Without restrictions

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan recently announced that all inward-listed shares on the JSE will be classified as domestic assets and included on the JSE indices. 

According to the Association...