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February 2009
Cellphone mightier than the sword

The Labour Court case in Jafta v Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife recently decided that an acceptance of an offer by way of SMS or e-mail results in a binding contract.

The circumstances

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife...

February 2009
Uncertain Times

For the last 20 years, the International Bureau of Aviation (IBA) has been actively involved working on behalf of Receivers, Export Credit Agencies, Banks, Lessors and Investors in order to manage aircraft during...

February 2009
Tedious Telkom

The South African government has identified SA's high telecommunication costs as one of the stumbling blocks to sustainable economic growth and development. High cost of broadband coupled with low speeds have resulted...

February 2009
Pooling resources

A common question posed by investors is, “Should I invest directly into equities, bonds, preference shares or property unit trusts etc, or should I use a pooled vehicle such as a unit trust?” There is a fairly common...

February 2009
Shades of grey

At Allan Gray we shy away from forecasting economic variables as we believe it is very difficult, if not impossible, to be consistently accurate in one’s forecasts, and we know that we are not much good at it....

February 2009
Seven points

Geoff Blount, CEO of Cannon Asset Managers, identifies what he believes are the seven most relevant points when considering the selection of an asset manager.

1. Consistent philosophy and process

February 2009
Long memories are useful

In the wake of the 1929 stock market crash, Benjamin Graham and David Dodd of Columbia University argued that long term historical trends are far more significant for making investment decisions than any short-term...

February 2009

Following the first 50 point rate cut last December, markets discounted another 400 points by 3Q2009. That presupposes cuts of 100 points per SARB meeting in February, April, June and August.

Those are...

February 2009
Get it right

Value-added tax (VAT) is paid by each producer or distributor who handles the goods or services before they reach the consumer or end user, who is usually a member of the public. It is called value-added tax, because...

February 2009
Catchy clause

Some policies can be cancelled by insurers. It is important to check your policy so that you are not taken by surprise. Policyholders always have the right to cancel a policy by terminating premiums, although the...

February 2009
An accidental tale

An accidental taleVan Dorsen initially insured his motor vehicle, a 2003 Volkswagen Golf 4, 2.0 Highline, with Auto & General Insurance Company, though P A Zervas Brokers. When...

February 2009
Building confidence

With the whole of South Africa looking like a building site these must be exciting times for the construction industry. But is it building without sufficient professional indemnity?

Comments Marnelle Ward...

February 2009

To most people of sense the answer will surely be “Yours”. Not so the Jap fellow Yoichi Shimamoto who is suing United Airlines for negligence for letting him drink too much so he beat his wife up – after they had left...

February 2009
Remote development

Old Mutual says it has sponsored R1.5million to the NEPAD Business Foundation (NBF), of which it is one of the founding partners.

“In line with our strategic objectives, Old Mutual remains committed to...

February 2009
More beds

National Hospital Network CEO Otto Wypkema has announced that five independent hospitals or clinics have applied for membership of the National Hospital Network. This brings the membership of the network to 79....

February 2009
CarSure product

Most companies with their own fleet insurance cover believe their vehicles are adequately insured for accident or loss. But, says Suzette Uys, Divisional Director of CarSure, “We’ve identified a gap where a client's...

February 2009
Consumer protection

Things are about to get a lot tougher for product suppliers, retailers and producers in 2009 due to the expected promulgation of the Consumer Protection bill this year.

The bill introduces strict product...