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October 2007
Routing out a threat

A firewall is a software or hardware gatekeeper preventing unauthorised intrusion from malicious software (‘malware’), including Trojans and security hackers. If you have an ADSL Router (a combined network hub and...

October 2007
Plugging the gaps

The process for social security reform is underway, at least on paper. The government has committed itself to a ‘contributory earnings-related social arrangement’, with a vision of a ‘caring and poverty-free society...

October 2007
A real pain in the back

Each year hundreds of people are permanently paralysed following a serious spinal injury. Most of them will spend the rest of their lives wheelchair-bound.
Why are the effects of spinal inju¬ries...

October 2007
Careful application

Part 2 of our two-part discussion about the various insurance needs of those partaking in sport, recreational pursuits and hazardous activities

Disability and injury

This area of cover, including...

October 2007
Global warning of warming

When you hear in one week that at least 17 people have died from exposure to the cold, Port Elizabeth has had its coldest day in 52 years and that Plettenberg Bay is covered in ice so thick it looks like snow, the...

October 2007
Dishonest costs

Owing to a spate of high profile corporate failures, a slew of new regulations have been introduced to reduce the risk faced by company employees, management and shareholders.

However, there is a...

October 2007
Looking for economic sense

There’s no easy way when it comes to buying a printer. Some of the cheaper models cost less than the toner they contain. Take a Lexmark E232, for instance, which we have had for only 18 months and is now giving us...

October 2007
Without choice

The issue of so-called ‘waivers’ came up in our investigations into the car rental industry. The legal implications can be very onerous and, in some cases, contrary to basic consumer rights. This is especially the...

October 2007
On the never, never

The cheapest new BMW in South Africa will set you back a quarter million. Motor manufacturers, following practices developed in Europe, are turning to more imaginative ways to get people into their new vehicles. One...

October 2007
More profit, happier clients

There are occasions when articles appearing in Insurance Times & Investments are strongly critical. Our cover story, Are Car Rental Companies really Selling Insurance, for example, caused quite a stir in the...

October 2007
Test failure

In a rather expressive report, an instructor for Comair (the US lot not the wonderful SA company of the same name) has said that if he had been conducting a flight test in the cockpit during the fatal flight in which...

October 2007
Scarce skills scare

SA continues to suffer from a chronic shortage of skilled medical professionals. This threatens the ability of both government and the private sector health care to those who need it. Last year, the Minister of Health...

October 2007
Pension rights

The troubled framework of South Africa’s social and political life is manifesting a great deal of discontent. The illogical groping for ‘equality’ through ‘black economic empowerment’ and ‘affirmative action’ seems to...

October 2007
Alarming fall off in contributions

As the government seeks to increase national savings through a proposed framework of mandatory individual contributions, the retirement fund industry’s benchmark study from Sanlam Employee Benefits (SEB) has revealed...

October 2007
Addressing the Poverty Trap

While the retirement fund industry examines the government’s second discussion paper on pension fund and social security reform, “I believe considerably more attention should be paid to the social old age grant (SOAG...

October 2007
Updating the process

Those who work for more than 24 hours a month for an employer must be registered in terms of the Unemployment Insurance Act of 2001. Contributions remain at 2% of gross earnings, payable equally by employer (1%) and...

October 2007
Mobile eye

An advanced vehicle collision warning and accident mitigation system has been launched by Mobileye South Africa.

Called the Advanced Warning System, (AWS) it  provides drivers with a “third eye” that...

October 2007
Captive work

Guardrisk Group’s gross premium revenue (for both its short-term and life insurance businesses) increased 21% to R3,4 billion for the year ended 31st March 2007. This compares to R2,8 billion for the previous year....

October 2007
In and out

Andreas Kleiner (44) leaves Munich Re of Africa as CEO the end of September. He is to be replaced by Junior John (JJ) Ngulube.

Mr Kleiner who led the reinsurer through some of its most profitable years,...

October 2007
Back in vogue

Following several years of sluggish sales, the life industry has reported a significant increase in retirement annuity (RA) fund sales for the first half of this year.

Gerhard Joubert, CEO of the Life...