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June 2007
Mostly equity

Institutions invested more than R1,4 billion offshore in the March quarter - a sharp rise on the R168 million in the previous three months.

Association of Collective Investments chief executive Di Turpin...

June 2007
The direct versus the listed debate

What is the best route for a client to take who is looking to invest in real property, or real estate as it is known internationally? Should he make a direct investment into property – the buy-and-let option, or would...

June 2007
New income sources

In a bid to increase its service offering Metropolitan Asset Managers (Metam) has formally launched MedProvider, an investment product designed to maximise the return of medical aid schemes’ cash reserves.

June 2007
Read my Lisps

Providing choice at reasonable cost is the primary aim of Linked Investment Service Providers (LISPs). Unfortunately, complex and opaque products and pricing structures make some of them less investor-friendly than...

June 2007
Need to self-regulate

As a mark of its growing maturity, the international hedge fund industry in April released two congruent sets of ‘sound-practice’ principles relating to the valuation of hedge fund portfolios. According to local hedge...

June 2007
The worry with ‘Style drift’

Are investors getting what they’re paying for from their investment fund managers? After four years of equity gains, the question highlights a key concern among professionals with the task of scrutinising fund manager...

June 2007
Urban crowding

In the last few weeks several helicopters and light aircraft have crashed for a variety of reasons.

A Robinson R22 crashed in up-market Riverclub, Sandton (it must be up market because I live in the next...

June 2007
What a geyser

Lifestyle Africa Insurance Managers says it has partnered with Water Angel to provide commercial and residential clients with an early-warning system to help prevent water damage as a result of geyser bursts and...

June 2007
Door open to consumer choice

MortgageSA says it has launched a building insurance product as an alternative to the bank products “that have traditionally been forced upon consumers.”
Rhys Dyer, executive director of the company says...

June 2007
Liquid Rennies bring relief

Sanlam recently launched a debit card that allows clients to manage their money in an everyday account while earning the high interest rate of a money market fund.

Susan van Staden from Sanlam Personal...

June 2007
Plugging the leaks

Members and trustees of pension funds may give little thought to the processes that lie behind their retirement investments, focusing only on ensuring good returns.

However, recent examples of poor...

June 2007
Protecting the owners

Have you ever asked your business clients what would happen to their company if one of the business owners were to become disabled or even worse, die? When it comes to key staff, could they afford to replace a staff...

June 2007
Measly metal

Homeowners need to check the quality and installation of their security gates, advises Santam, and it makes no bones about the fact that “those sold in stores may not provide the impenetrable protection consumers are...

June 2007
Will SA fit in?

It used to be that Big Revolutions came one at a time with long intervals between them.
Yet South Africa may be facing multi-track revolutions simultaneously. That makes for much disturbance, but also...

June 2007
Rare event

First National Bank (FNB) has announced a significant decrease in prices and declared several day-to-day electronic banking transactions - including cellphone banking - free. In all 15 fees have been abandoned and 10...

June 2007
Stroke of bad luck

Life insurance companies uncovered close on 20 000 fraudulent claims worth more than R1 billion over the past four years. In comparison, however, the life industry settled valid death and disability claims worth more...

June 2007
One size don’t fit all……

Mutual & Federal thinks the ‘one price fits all’ strategy in personal lines insurance is on its way out.

Short term insurance, in principle, is supposed to spread the losses of the few across the...

June 2007
Persistent practice

According to market research by Santam as much as 40% of insurance policyholders are under-insured, leaving them at serious financial risk.

Caroline da Silva, the company’s Head of Portfolio Management...

June 2007
Packard hell

If you are thinking of getting a Packard Bell personal computer, my advice is to give it a miss. Indeed, ask plenty of questions and do your research before buying any proprietary computer. As far as Packard Bell is...

June 2007
Medical advice for life underwriters

Bronchitis means inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bron¬chial tubes. It can occur in attacks (acute bronchitis) or be persistent (chronic bronchitis).

Acute bronchitis is usually due to infection...

June 2007
Finding a way

The introduction of navigation systems is changing the way we drive cars, but many sceptics still question the positive effect on traffic safety and insurance claims. A report released recently by a Dutch research...

June 2007
Get fired for success

While planning, cash flow and access to finance are essential to the establishment and sustainability of a new business venture, the core factor is passion.

This was the view expressed by leading business...

June 2007
The worst ever

The total earnings of the average South African taxpayer from 1st January to 10th May is equal to the total taxes they have to pay for 2007. That’s 130 days, or more than one third of the year, they have been working...

June 2007
All in house

The Professional Provident Society of South Africa has recently launched a range of new products, including the new PPS ProviderTM, to meet the changing needs of the modern graduate professional.


June 2007
Controlling fraud

Medical schemes are being hit hard by excessive claims from members on high benefit options.

This is according to Medicover’s Principal Officer, Stephan Grobler, who stresses that the claims are not...

June 2007
Clear objectives

With the introduction of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) Act, many financial service providers who have not studied for a long time are facing the challenge of being a student gain....

June 2007
More heavy inflows

Worldwide investors remain bullish on equity collective investments judging from the latest global statistics. Net equity inflows more than doubled to US$150 billion in the fourth quarter of last year from the...

June 2007
Chain of events

Why our economy is where it is today might be simply explained by the following chain of events:
• Low inflation rates worldwide have allowed for low interest rates.
• Low interest rates have fed the...

June 2007
All is not lost

The Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance points out that there are different legal implications if you fail to convert your old driver’s licence contained in your identity document to the new card licence, as opposed to...

June 2007
No sweat

Severe storms caught many by surprise in KwaZulu Natal, when waves measuring as high as eight metres pounded the coastline in the early hours of 19th March. At least one person lost was killed. Extensive losses have...