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December 2006
Saving you money

The Life Offices’ Association (LOA) is concerned that many policyholders continue to make decisions about savings and investment policies without properly considering or understanding the impact of charges....

December 2006
Theft prevention

Gerhard Genis, head of claims administration services at Santam, confirms the benefits of theft prevention measures. “Although not all of them will reduce monthly insurance premiums, in the long run these measures...

December 2006
Beware the suitcase brigade

The aviation insurance industry in South Africa has become a shadow of its former self. A few years ago there were eight local insurers and Lloyd’s all licensed to sell insurance in the country. Today there are only...

December 2006
Help at hand

Retention of human capital, undoubtedly a company’s most important asset, is becoming more and more challenging, says Guardrisk in a recent Update newsletter. But help may be at hand from a seemingly unlikely source:...

December 2006
Broker aid

The success of the introduction of the low-income medical scheme will rely heavily on how it is integrated with existing healthcare provision. There are many pitfalls and employers therefore need the assistance of...

December 2006
Head in the sand

A recent article claimed there would be ‘no major effect on the economy’ from the AIDS pandemic. According to the study commissioned by the Joint Economic AIDS and Poverty Programme, while business was obviously...

December 2006
A shot in the dark

Deneys Reitz on insurance case law:Tsogo Sun Holdings (PTY) Ltd v Qing-he Shan and another 2006

The Supreme Court of Appeal allowed an appeal on 31st May 2006 by Tsogo Sun Holdings against an order of the...

December 2006
Vesa ways

Everybody wants fully comprehensive vehicle insurance, but not everyone can afford it and still have a low enough excess.

There are three basic types of motor insurance. ‘Full comprehensive’ is the most...

December 2006
More outflows

The latest Ernst & Young Life Insurance quarterly index shows that life insurers faced significantly higher lapse rate levels in the third quarter of 2006, combined with growing surrenders.


December 2006
Double trouble

Drivers and passengers who respond to the calls by the Department of Transport and some local authorities not to drive to work with just one person in the car could face serious consequences, says Arnold van der Linde...

December 2006
Adding value

It is, of course, up to clients to decide whether they wish to use a broker or instead go direct to an insurance company to buy their policy. However, the decision should not be based on the erroneous belief that it...

December 2006
Less conservative

Total assets of offshore collective investment funds rose to R91,4 billion (R84 billion) in the September quarter benefiting from the weaker rand and stepped up institutional flows.
Releasing the quarterly...

December 2006
Sanlam explains

Linked Investment Service Providers (LISPs) are companies that provide an administration service to investors with generally more than R100 000 to invest. Most LISPs also decline to accept single investments of less...

December 2006
The past is not the future

Three years, as a benchmark period for investments, is often quoted as the minimum yardstick for assessing potential future returns.

However, Stanlib warns against following this ‘conservative period’,...

December 2006
How much is enough?

We have always been firm advocates of diversifying across asset classes within a portfolio. But the real question is, how much exposure should you have?

Take a particular alternative class of assets,...

December 2006
Interest rate quandary

With domestic interest rates rising, investors might consider re-balancing their portfolios in favour of shares less vulnerable to debt costs.
Although valuations of domestic shares, like their global...

December 2006
Trusted markup

The Automobile Association has launched AA Autobay as a trusted marketplace for consumers to buy and sell their pre-owned vehicles on a private basis. It hopes to make buying and selling of vehicles a more convenient...

December 2006
Net retentions up

Increased net retentions by major insurance companies has been attenuating the need for proportional reinsurance in the South African.

‘Proportional reinsurance’ is a mechanism for insurance companies to...

December 2006
X for no

Despite another 50 basis point hike in interest rates possible this month consumer spending continues unabated.

“The end of the year and the festive season is full of excitement and expectation, but...

December 2006
Christmas caution

We face so much advertising these days that its existence in the newspapers, on the airwaves, billboards, posters, and roadside hoardings is taken for granted. Indeed, our environment would be bare without it! However...

December 2006
Closing date

The closing date for this year’s bursary awards from PPS Insurance is 31st December 2006.

PPS Insurance is making one scholarship of R30 000 and 20 bursaries of R10 000 each available to students who meet...

December 2006
Site security

The long-term boom in the property sector encourages homeowners to believe they cannot overcapitalise their houses and has fuelled an unprecedented renovation boom.

Recent statistics show that building...

December 2006
Common sense

It is important to get expert advice from a licenced financial planner before embarking on a lifelong strategy for saving and securing your future well-being.

But it does not take an expert to use some...

December 2006
The State of play – all back to front

South Africa’s personality, as reflected in a potpourri of 2006 anecdotes, suggests that inflation targeting is missing the point……..

Border controls
Because of poor border controls stolen and...

December 2006
Blunt instrument

Monetary policy has so far clouted consumers with three interest rate hikes, up 0,5 percentage basis points each time: 8th June, 3rd August and 13th October this year.

The reason given for the increase in...

December 2006
Small business change

The concept of personal service companies (and trusts) has been part of our tax legislation since 2000. It was introduced to prevent the use of companies to disguise what was really an employer/employee relationship...

December 2006
Is it too late?

The droll concept that life begins at 40 is no laughing matter to many South Africans who at that age experience the confidence-shattering trauma of some sort of a midlife crisis. Just when they need the coping skills...

December 2006
Be our guest…

Santam recently launched a tailor made product specifically for the tourism, entertainment and leisure industries. It will cover everything from shark attacks to dry cleaning damage and theft!


December 2006
Xtend a heart

Auto & General Insurance has recently added two new offerings to its comprehensive product portfolio –Auto Xtend and Young @ Heart.

Auto Xtend covers the shortfall when a client submits a motor claim...

December 2006
Wheels need oiling

South Africans are heavily – and needlessly – exposed to a large-scale oil tanker pollution catastrophe because draft legislation allowing South Africans to claim from the International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund...

December 2006
Decision time

If all goes according to plan, by the end of next year every intermediary in South Africa must have made a decision about whether he wants to be a fee-only adviser or a sales agent. This is the stark reality facing ‘...

December 2006
Still trying

The value of fraudulent claims submitted to the life insurance industry during the first half of this year dropped by almost R76m compared to the first half of last year, from R175,2m to R99,5m.


December 2006
Creating specialties

Educor, the largest provider of private education in Africa and holding company of Intec School of Insurance, has restructured its internal businesses to meet the changing training needs of corporates in South Africa...

December 2006
September 2006 quarter

Collective Investments recorded their best ever inflows in the September 2006 quarter of R19,8 billion with both retail and institutional funds having exceptionally heavy flows.
The record quarterly net...

December 2006
Direct challenge

The Financial Sector Charter has changed the way many brokers do business. It requires specific qualifications, transparency and professional advice.

“This,” says Quinten Matthew, Head of Broker Services...

December 2006
Social comment

South Africa’s social environment and persistent economic inequity is in dire need of redress, no more so than in the healthcare sector. While there are plans for a social health structure, Alan Fritz, general manager...

December 2006
Better disclosure

Investors in Collective Investments will soon have a new measure – Total Expense Ratios (TER) – with which to evaluate their funds.

TER is a key tool for investors as it discloses the amount a fund takes...