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December 1998
Swings and roundabouts

As this article is quite technical the introduction summarises the points in principle (so you don’t have to read any further if you don’t want to):
• Local reinsurers are concerned about a change in the way a company’s solvency margin is...

December 1998
Pooling expertise

Spoornet last year adopted a new insurance arrangement called the Freight Protection Facility (FPF).
It replaced Spoornet’s old limited legal liability cover, which put the onus on freight customers to prove negligence before any claim was...

December 1998
Not whom you think

Nominating a beneficiary of your deceased estate is not as simple as it may seem. This is particularly so when it comes to retirement fund benefits, as was revealed by a recent case put before the Pension Funds Adjudicator.
According to Old...

December 1998
Defining the middle class

It is wrong to talk of the ‘black market’, or the ‘emerging black market’, as if the market is homogeneously characterised by colour. Instead, the market is characterised by a multitude of different individuals.
From a marketing perspective...

December 1998
It’s getting worse

For the six months to June 1998, combined statistics for 24 insurers shows an underwriting loss of R36m compared to a profit of R186m for the same period in 1997, according to the SA Insurance Association (SAIA).
Chief executive Barry Scott...

December 1998
Take action — now!

There were 5,8 million people newly infected with HIV in 1998, 70% of them in Sub-Saharan Africa. Of the 2,5 million people who died of AIDS in 1998, two million were in Africa, which has seen 83% of the global deaths from AIDS since the start of...

December 1998
Tricky business

Choosing an annuity package at retirement can be a tricky business - especially since the choice you make is the choice you keep!
There are a number of options available to fund members on retirement. Their decision should depend on their...

December 1998
Short term hitch

The sharp fall in the value of retirement fund assets demands that fund trustees and underwriting institutions act cautiously to protect members’ interests, says Momentum Employee Benefits MD Don Brown.
“The stock market has fallen by about...

December 1998
OK anyway

Following the adoption of the updated commission regulations in the new Life Insurance Act (effective 1st January 1999), Liberty Life has decided not to appeal the court ruling that prohibited it from paying extra fees to those brokers who use...

December 1998
Undervalued start

Sanlam’s share price ended around R5,85 on the last day of 1998, that saw continued heavy volumes of trade. Some 4,2m shares changed hands on 31st December, according to JSE statistics, bringing the week’s total trade to about 18,7m. SA Revenue...