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June 1998
A comment on the constraints facing South Africa

Good progress has been made during the past decade with the deregulation of the domestic financial markets.
Quicker reform of the markets, however, was much hindered by the imposition of the debt standstill at the end of August 1985, and the...

June 1998
Avoiding a nightmare

The growth in private school education has been dramatic in the recent past. This year alone, 30 new private schools have been registered with the Independent Schools Council (ISC), bringing its register to the 250 mark. The Damelin Group’s three...

June 1998
Ten-year terror

Sage Education Trust is a registered Trust of Sage Life, with the principle beneficiary of the Trust being education. Established some two years ago, Sage says it is committed to educating the public about the projected costs of education and the...

June 1998
The inflation bugbear

In structuring his investment strategy Warren Buffett does not commit any resources to judging economic cycles.
“If Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan were to whisper to me what his monetary policy was going to be over the next two years,” says Mr...

June 1998
Regulation by inclination

6. Enquiries into the Industry:
Directly and indirectly, the South African Life Assurance Industry has been the subject of numerous enquiries and investigations since 1943. These included:
• the 1970 Franzsen Commission of Enquiry into...

June 1998
Banking, out

Early into the 21st century banks will have disappeared entirely and been replaced by multi-product financial services organisations operating with relatively free access across a global customer base.
That’s the view of Howard Carver,...

June 1998
Crossings everywhere

Business against Crime (BAC) has put together some tips to help you avoid becoming a victim of cheque fraud. As a cheque account holder you need to prevent criminals from using your cheques fraudulently but, as I mention later, it is not always...

June 1998
That cheating kind of way

Even if you insure your motor vehicle for the correct amount, chances are you won’t get paid out the replacement cost in the event of a total loss. The motor trade has several figures they use for determining the value of used vehicles: trade-in...

June 1998
Realising the need

The proper administration of medical examinations by life assurers before accepting new policies and granting cover is essential to safeguard the interests of the people applying for cover, as well as existing policyholders and life assurers....

June 1998
Fires to the left of them, foreign competitors to the right......

“The short-term insurance market is in a more healthy position now than anytime over the past five years,” says June Geldenhuys, chairman of The South African Insurance Association (SAIA).
Analysis of insurers’ returns shows that the claims...

June 1998
Dare to hope

It’s the first time in over a decade that short-term insurers are beginning to talk of rate reductions in personal lines insurance. The welcome news follows a string of positive annual reports from insurance companies, with many revealing large...