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October 1994
Promoting quality of services

As South Africa blossoms into world acceptance, foreign investors and local emerging markets are combining into a potent consumer force. This means that existing suppliers of goods and services have an enormous challenge to improve their calibre...

October 1994
Homely thoughts

In its research involving some 300 respondents country-wide, prior to launch, Fedlife found that many were in favour of some form of insurance cover for domestic workers. No less than “80% felt that employers should assist domestics in planning...

October 1994
Post-dated wrangle

In the previous article we discussed cheque endorsements. But there are other factors that affect the way a cheque is paid, including the way it is dated.
A post-dated cheque is one drawn and dated at some time in the future. The intention...

October 1994
Niche marketer

Concord Insurance Company Limited
Claims paying ability: a
Financial Year: 31st December 1993
Nature of Business: General short-term insurer
Shareholders: Umpire Holdings (Pty) Ltd
Auditors: Price Waterhouse Meyernel...

October 1994
Respite for 1993

The number of natural and man-made catastrophes has continued to rise since 1970. In 1993 alone there were 127 occurrences or a 4% increase in natural catastrophes on the previous year; the number of technical catastrophes rose by about 19% to...

October 1994
Gasping for cover

Mercantile & General continues its monthly guide on underwriting considerations of certain medical risks
Although an association between chronic bronchitis and emphysema is by no means inevitable, the current facts suggest that most...

October 1994
Don’t surrender

In assurance jargon, a ‘surrender’ occurs when a person terminates a life assurance policy before the end of the term of the contract. The amount paid out on termination of the contract is called the ‘surrender value’ and this amount represents...

October 1994
Picking up the tab

European Union (EU) must surely provide many new opportunities for companies to increase their business activities. Yet it is not without its problems. For one thing, companies need a free and fair market in which to compete, especially as...

October 1994
Educating for consumerism

Since its founding in 1949 the Institute of Marketing Management (IMM) has been committed to upgrading the standard of marketing expertise in South Africa. It is the only professional body for marketing practitioners in SA and has become adept at...

October 1994
Escape route

The Lloyd’s of London Market Board has approved the appointment of Anthony Bartleet to lead a working party investigating ways of closing open syndicate years of account at Lloyd’s from 1986 onwards. Mr Bartleet is currently underwriter on Lloyd’...

October 1994
Hidden catch

Companies involved in mergers and acquisitions frequently place millions of rand in jeopardy simply because they don’t pay enough attention to risk management. “And there are a host of danger areas that need careful consideration during the...

October 1994
Viva inter vivos

With the increase to Estate Duty and Donations Tax very likely in the near future, possibly in the form of a new Capital Transfer Tax (CTT), estate planners are once again looking closely at the inter vivos trust as a means of freezing the value...

October 1994
A real job on

At a one-day seminar held in Johannesburg under the banner of the Insurance Institute of South Africa, it became clear that the insurance industry’s current approach to the provision of occupational disability benefits would have to undergo...

October 1994
Hard tackle

The significant decline in the underwriting surplus to R8,5m for Mutual & Federal’s 30th June 1994 year end reflects the difficult trading environment in which the short-term insurance industry is operating. In particular, there has been a...

October 1994
14th year of profits

The acquisition of some 60 000 IGI policyholders during the year to 31st March 1994 contributed markedly to the growth of Hollard Insurance, with gross premium income rising 32,6% to R318,8m. As can be seen in the...

October 1994
Steady as you go

The Multilateral Motor Vehicle Accidents Fund (MMF) currently holds assets of some R600m in cash and investments, a figure that remains fairly constant as claims are paid out and levies are paid in.
Chief executive of the fund, Willem...