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June 1994
Looking out

The courts in South Africa are increasingly awarding higher amounts these days and any cover less than R2,5m could be found inadequate. This is especially so for ‘well off’ clients who may find themselves being victimised by the...

June 1994
Below the line

The marine insurance sector has suffered heavy underwriting losses in recent years both nationally and internationally; these losses are solely attributable to excessive competition and a completely inadequate price level for the risks written,...

June 1994
Home sweet home

New thinking on captive insurance companies is emerging which strongly suggest they should be kept onshore. A captive is an insurer that is owned or controlled by a company or group of companies that buy its insurance.

June 1994
For a few companies more

Fewer companies are actively promoting their hospital and medical care benefits at present. Either the changes to the Medical Schemes Act the beginning of this year has given marketers and developers a lot to think about, or many of the products...

June 1994
Screening help

Two important trends in cancer mortality are being reported world-wide. First, changing mortality due to certain cancers is being observed. In a study of trends in 15 industrialised countries, increases in cancer mortality were reported for lung...

June 1994
Republic Rating #1

Claims paying ability: aa
Financial Year: 31st December 1993
Nature of Business: General short-term insurer
Shareholders: Allianz AG Holding (Germany) 100%
Auditors: KPMG Aiken & Peat
Market Share: (as at 31 December...

June 1994
Super sleuths

The arrival of free markets, the relaxing of trade barriers and the development of a more open economy is invariably welcomed with open arms. There’s no doubt the initial, and usually the long term benefits, are unrivalled for creating wealth and...

June 1994
Homing in

A new series of products A pooled into a new Workers’ Fund is being launched by Fedlife. Designed specifically for low income earners the first of at least four products is called the Domestic Workers’ Fund and was released on 2nd May.

June 1994
On target

The overall HIV prevalence in the results of the recently released survey of pregnant women is similar to that forecast four years ago by Metropolitan Life.
The disturbing feature of the latest data from the Department of National Health and...