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May 1994
How the business of managing money affects our daily lives.

In the previous article in the series a rather technical explanation was given on how economists determine turning points in the business cycle, that is, whether the economy is moving out or into a recession. We continue this theme now, but from...

May 1994
Just hang on to your rag

The total assets of South Africa’s 60 unit trusts shot through the R20 billion mark during the first quarter of this year (up 2,74%). This is according to the latest survey by Professor Hugo Lambrechts of the University of Pretoria.

May 1994

Mercantile & General continues its monthly guide on underwriting considerations of certain medical risks
Parkinson’s disease is characterised by a progressive loss of neurons in the substantia nigra (a large motor area in the midbrain)...

May 1994
Consumer mass market

Auto & General Insurance Company Limited

Claims paying ability: a-
Financial Year: 31st December 1993
Nature of Business: Personal lines short-term insurer
Shareholders: The D G Steyn Investment Trust (67%) Hollard...

May 1994
Points of flexibility

Probably one of the most popular reasons for buying a retirement annuity (RA) is the tax advantages, perhaps unequalled in any other investment. There are, however, several additional reasons why an RA should be an attractive buy. One big plus is...

May 1994
Homeland homily to SASRIA

This magazine, while written in the old South Africa, will be read in the New. That is a rare certainty. It is also clear that the homelands will be re-incorporated into South Africa. Here’s a brief history on how they came about (we all know why...

May 1994
Not the way to bop

So far this year R231m of damage has been confirmed as insured claims in respect of malicious damage to property. By far the largest source of losses, of course, was the rioting and general looting in Bophuthatswana during the period, 7th – 11th...