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November 1993
Name your price

With an attendance of around 1 800, this year’s Annual General Meeting, held at the Royal Festival Hall, London on 22nd June, was a smaller affair than that of 1992, although interest in the Society was no less great, according to the official...

November 1993
Economy run again

Check the tyre pressures once every two weeks. Low tyre pressures increase rolling resistance, resulting in higher fuel consumption, increased tyre wear and impaired handling. Do not carry any unnecessary ballast in the luggage compartment,...

November 1993
Paper trail

A regular column explaining some of the basics of life assurance and pensions - with information from the Insurance Institute of SA
When a risk is accepted, whatever the class of business, a policy is issued by the insurer as evidence of the...

November 1993

The great many motor and truck hijackings that occur more and more each day create problems for the South African Police as well as truck companies. Employees are very often involved in such crimes as so- called “inside jobs”.
However, the...

November 1993
The inflation and mortality hitch

Part 1- the business of life assurance
Last year we published our special report on the short term insurance market (see Insurance Times & Investments Vol 5.11 November 1992 page 14). This year we write about the life and pensions...

November 1993
The removal game

Are you insured against the theft of your home? That’s right. Not only the contents, but the entire house: bricks, mortar, carpets, fittings - the lot.
If not, beware. A new dimension has been added to the risks associated with home...

November 1993
Treat with caution

Mercantile & General continues its monthly guide on underwriting considerations of certain medical risks.
Tuberculosis is fast becoming the most common cause of death in many of the world’s under-developed and developing nations. Such...

November 1993
Marriage problems

In its latest collation of AIDS and AIDS-related insurance claims as at June 1993, Mercantile & General notes that since its 11th Report (February 1 1993) the number of notified claims has increased by 176 to 724, representing an increase of...

November 1993
A flux of problems

The Second Schedule limits the overall tax-free amount from approved retirement funds to:
• the greater of R120 000 or R4 500, multiplied by the number of completed years of continuous service, or membership of any fund; plus,
• any...

November 1993
Product for the young and healthy

At is not often that three companies from different groups agree to work together. But that’s just what Aegis Insurance, Fedlife Assurance and First National Bank have done. Throwing new light on the notion of “one-stop” financial services, the...

November 1993
Economy drive

Disability benefit claims continue to increase at a faster rate than the growth in death claims, and should be a source of great concern for life assurers. Experience is proving the inherent dangers of underwriting disability risks as opposed to...

November 1993
Tangled tussle

Whatever the reasons for the closure of IGI Insurance Ltd, there’s no doubt that sentiment speeded up the process. It was on July 8 this year that Fedsure and Investec launched a R100m ‘strategic investment’ bid, only to withdraw from the deal...