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September 1990
Legal uncertainties

Robert Vivian, Professor of insurance and risk management at Wits, continues his monthly column
Discuss the doctrine of insurable interest as found in insurance law and applied in South Africa.
Insurable interest is one of the...

September 1990
More pay more

In terms of the crucial role pensions play in adequately providing for members’ retirement, there have been some encouraging developments over recent years. The Sanlam biennial survey of pension benefits, covering some 350 private and state...

September 1990
All with a bark, purr and a chirp….

• Always make available a continuous supply of fresh water;
• Dogs need an outdoor structure and the SPCA recommends wood which insulates against heat and cold;
• Exercise is also essential. If your property is not walled and...

September 1990
Bad habits

Barbara Nash wouldn’t mind a bit if the organisation she works for closed down. It would be great if she became unemployed by the SPCA following an abrupt halt to all forms of animal cruelty in this country. She adds that with over 100 SPCA...

September 1990
Microchips keep track

The recent launch of a new identification tagging system for the domestic pet market, which makes use of a microchip, may provide the answer to problems previously posed in insuring animals. A tiny microchip is pre-programmed with an...

September 1990
Horse sense

One area of short term insurance which has managed to retain a degree of stability over recent months is bloodstock. This sector is also experiencing steady growth following sharply increased prices for horses bought at the annual National...

September 1990
Limited options

Good luck to you if you’re looking for insurance cover for your exotic animal. Although facilities exist for insuring bloodstock and livestock, there is very little available in terms of obtaining cover for wild and domestic animals. Even the...

September 1990
New era in financial supervision

Piet Badenhorst’s appointment as Registrar of Financial Institutions is his most recent step in an illustrious public service career. As he sees it, his task is to further implement important policy decisions and to allow government policy of...

September 1990
Private pursuits

Effective 1st January 1991 the Financial Institutions Office (FIO) will be abolished. That’s the date, if all goes according to plan. But before you start jumping with glee in the expectation of reckless freedom, take note that this doesn’t mean...