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February 1990
Phenomenal growth

The Laser Imaging Solutions, the laser image division of BCS Computer Services, traditionally a specialist systems house for the insurance industry, has grown phenomenally over the past two years. Says Jerry van Gool, a director of Johannesburg-...

February 1990
Tax tips

Old Mutual Legal Services is often asked about the tax and legal implications if a person buys an existing endowment policy from somebody else which is then ceded outright for value to the purchaser.
Peter Stephan, senior legal analyst at...

February 1990
Dirty business

Companies in the European Community that produce waste products which damage the environment could face increased liability and greater chances of detection if two proposed EC directives are adopted.
Producers of hazardous waste would be...

February 1990
Systemic problems

This is a two-part extract of a talk given by André Spier late last year at the Hollandia Forum: RE 89 - Challenges of the ’90s.

Those who carefully followed recent media and other reporting on the South African health scene, have...

February 1990
Inflation push

An alarming leap in the average amount per claim was a feature of underwriting during the past year. This, at least, is according to Santam’s claims experience.
Commenting of figures for the company’s September year end, Jac McLachlan,...

February 1990
Legal loops

A question often asked of insurance advisors by members of retirement annuity funds, pension fun and other group funds is to whom and how, can the proceeds from the funds be distributed in the event the member’s death before retirement. By and...

February 1990
Tax beater

There tends to be a rush for retirement annuity (RA) products towards the end of February. This so-called “RA season” is rush hour for people, particularly high income earners, darting for cover to reduce their taxable income before the tax-year...

February 1990
Two edges

On a recent two-day visit to Paris, Murray Lawrence, chairman of Lloyd’s, expressed his optimism about the business prospects expected to flow from the creation of a single European market.
“However,” he cautioned, “I would doubt that we...

February 1990
No disc

Santam Insurance has emerged as the largest player in the new phase of third-party insurance in which the familiar token on car windscreens is no longer required.
Santam has secured almost 40% of the third-party insurance market and now...

February 1990
Image protection

With people generally more aware of their rights under law, the liability risk exposures facing advertisers, their agencies and publishers, have widened considerably.
“Over the past year or so, judgments handed down in local and...

February 1990
Losses spur rate increases

Any rate increases imposed by property/casualty insurers now will not be reflected in their earnings until late this year, market observers say. However, few have yet to see concrete signs of higher prices, while some doubt whether rates will...

February 1990
Leader and organiser

After a 38-year working relationship with the same insurance group, Keith Nilsson is more than comfortable with his recent appointment as managing director of short-term insurer, Guardian National. He officially succeeded Mike Newman the...

February 1990
Way to retain employees

With high staff turnovers a characteristic of many South African companies, Protea Assurance’s new Corporate Goal Getter Plan could prove a useful tool in retaining the services of key people.
Protea outlines the objectives of its new policy...

February 1990
Flying pacemakers

Going overseas, most of us expect to make the return trip under our own steam. But the sad fact is, a number of us need assistance and, sadder still, few are lucky enough to have the services of Travel Assistance.
This organisation is part...

February 1990
Living shares

AA Life Assurance Association Limited, the life assurer in the Anglovaal stable, recently announced its plans to list on the JSE through a holding company, “AA Life Group”, during February 1990.
The “Ocean Appliance Corporation Limited” cash...

February 1990
Shocking risk

Quorum Insurance Company Limited, specialist electronic insurers, is pleased to announce a sizeable reduction of the insurance excess “if you provide your electronic equipment with an effective suppression device,” says Terence Maher, MD.

February 1990
Untying the knot

In the increasingly complex world of insurance, it is becoming ever more important to deal through a professional, qualified insurance broker.
That is the bottom-line advice offered by Paul Heinamann, vice-president (short-term) of the South...

February 1990
Good capacity

Despite increasing afforestation of former farm lands in South Africa, there is ample insurance market capacity to cover the country’s plantations.
This situation, according to Priceforbes Federale Volkskas, is due to low timber values...

February 1990
Truck terror

The hijacking of vehicles, particularly heavy duty commercial trucks, is developing into an industry worth millions of rands. Although most insurers have not yet compiled separate statistics on hijacking incidents, they do agree that it is...

February 1990
Unwritten law

Most people believe that, once their bank has been instructed to stop a cheque, it stays stopped forever. Not so, says a spokesman for PFV Group Broking Services.
The procedure in banks is automatically to remove the stop payment instruction...

February 1990
Help, help!

A meeting of the Insurance Institute of SA (IISA) was held on January 11th 1990 to, amongst other things, assess the problems experienced by members of the industry in passing the Certificate of Proficiency (COP) exam - or, at least, trying to...

February 1990
Free car hire

New comprehensive motor policies taken out with SA Eagle from February 1st 1990 will give motorists the use of a hire car for 30 days following a theft. Current policies will automatically include this extension from renewal or anniversary date...

February 1990
Keep it long term

Joining the growing unit trust sector on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange comes Old Mutual’s Gold Fund. The first price will be published on February 5 when the units will be available for sale. There are now no less than 31 unit trusts on the...