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August 1989
Who pays?

If you've never been the victim of a stray golf ball which has bounced out of the confines of a golf course and gone astray down a public motorway, talk to Mr Cowan, chairman of the Lonehill Golf Course committee.
In Mr Cowan's case, the...

August 1989
Tax imbalance

As a result of the government's new taxation formula of the life insurance industry, a serious tax imbalance has developed between privately managed provident funds and those run by assurers. The new tax system applicable to life offices, which...

August 1989
Taking the blame

In everyday use, the word negligence is usually understood to mean carelessness or, a lack of proper care, in doing or omitting to do something.
It follows that contributory negligence refers to an act of carelessness which, to a lesser or...

August 1989
Tips from Mibsa

Mibsa Domestic Insurance Brokers' marketing director, Shirley Selzer, offers some advice concerning costs not covered in a standard motor insurance policy and which can be incurred when policyholders take their cars in for panel beating repairs....

August 1989
Simple or complex

Wills can be better used for estate planning if one understands the functions performed by various types of bequests as well as their income tax and estate duty consequences.
A will may be a simple or complex document, depending on the needs...

August 1989
Response to negative press

The avalanche of negative articles on medical aid which have appeared in the media in the last six months is obviously of concern to members, employers (who fund at least half the cost) and suppliers of services....

August 1989
Stamp on

Ever wondered what your legal position is should your faithful mutt take a piece out of the postman's leg? Because an animal has no legal personality, the owner or some other person whose negligence contributes towards injury or damage caused by...

August 1989
Pension politics

The controversy between those who support provident funds and those opposed to the idea continues. One thing, however, appears clear - workers want a say in how their money is spent and how the proceeds are distributed.
According to...

August 1989
Advice from the experts

South African companies in the retail sector alone reportedly experienced stock losses estimated in the region of R800m during 1987 and 1988. As much as 75% of any given stock loss can generally be attributed to intentional and dishonest acts by...

August 1989
Progressive management

His belief in justice and equality stem from the days of Nazi Germany when he and his family were forced to flee the country in 1939 because of their assistance to Jewish families in distress.
Ernst-Friedrich Kahle received most of his...

August 1989
Education is the key

Sanlam’s medical officer, Dr Altus van der Merwe, warns companies that the spread of AIDS could have a serious impact on their productivity levels. In Sanlam’s Group Benefits Review for 1988 and 1989, Dr van der Merwe states that company...

August 1989
Keeping a balance

The trend towards using direct mail as a method of marketing in both the short term and life assurance markets has understandably become a factor of concern for brokers. Direct response stands to reduce broker’s earnings potential as clients are...

August 1989
R2,4 bilion annual investment

The investment potential of South Africa’s black informal sector has been brought to the public eye through the formation of the National Stokvel Association of South Africa (NASASA) last year.
It is estimated that over 800 000 stokvel...

August 1989
Beating bills?

Hollard MD, Miles Japhet, was the driving force behind his group’s recent acquisition of a R3m automobile panel beating operation from Auto & General. Situated in Germiston, the business has been merged with Hollard’s Carguard division. The...

August 1989
An uncertain future

Government has still not settled the finer details of the new formula for taxing long- term life assurers. Industry spokesmen complain that uncertainty is affecting planning. And although the details may be considered fine, calculations done by...

August 1989
Flexibility needed

Old Mutual’s GM of Employee Benefits, Gerhard van Niekerk, recently outlined his company’s approach to pension schemes to the press at a conference held in Johannesburg.
“Any future retirement provisions must fit into the broad political...

August 1989
All that money

Until the recent scrapping of prescribed assets, rumours abounded that life offices would be forced into investing in the residential mortgage market - an investment area which is traditionally regarded as a low return medium. However, the...

August 1989
Short term squeeze

Fedsure Holdings recently released a fine set of figures for the six months to end June 1989. The results, however, also reflect competitive conditions in the short term market.
After tax profits attributable to shareholders climbed by 25%...

August 1989
Competition pressure

A specialised independent underwriting agent, Credit Underwriting Agency (CUAL), was recently launched. The shareholders are Commercial Union, the country’s largest composite insurance company; Hollandia Reinsurance group, South Africa’s largest...

August 1989
Market innovation

Coinciding with newspaper headlines reading “Insurance giants feel premium pinch” was the birth of Santam’s Teleplex plan.
The launch places Santam in a similar league to Auto & General in terms of the direct response marketing approach...