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Sunday, June 1, 2008
Utterly ruthless

A man hijacked in KwaZulu Natal early May was taken hostage by four armed men and forced to accompany them on a crime spree, which included two further hijackings, one in which a man was allegedly shot in his driveway.
The man’s ordeal began when he and his girlfriend were hijacked in Esikhawini, shortly after nightfall and he was forced, at gunpoint, to accompany his assailants. While driving around in his vehicle, two of the men took his bank cards and were dropped off to draw money out of his account. The remaining two then drove with him to Empangeni where they allegedly tried to hijack a further two vehicles.
In the first incident, a couple was attacked in their driveway. It’s alleged there was a struggle between the hijackers and the driver of the vehicle during which the driver was shot. The two hijackers then climbed back into the first victim’s car and sped off.
Undeterred at leaving the scene empty handed, they were about to try and hijack another vehicle in a nearby suburb when they were again forced to speed away as a police vehicle was patrolling the area.
“The victim, having witnessed all this, was then driven to a desolated area near the R102 in Empangeni shortly after 21h00 where he was pulled out of the car and dragged into a forested area. The hijackers then allegedly told him that he had one last chance to give them more. He then replied that they had taken his laptop, cell phone, wallet and bank cards and that he simply had nothing more to give them. To which, the one hijacker is alleged to have said to his accomplice: ‘Just finish him off’,” retold Gareth Crocker, Tracker’s Communications Manager.
“It was at this moment that one of our Tracker recovery vehicles pulled up behind the car. The Tracker in the man’s vehicle had been activated after a friend had called in to the company to report the incident.
“Hearing a vehicle arrive on the scene, the men panicked and fled. As our crew climbed out of their vehicle they heard the victim screaming for help in the bushes some 500 yards from the vehicle,” says Crocker.
The SAPS Empangeni Flying Squad and Dog Unit Reservists arrived almost simultaneously on the scene and fired a signal flare up over the area.
“The victim was quickly found and led out to safety, but by this time, unfortunately, his attackers had managed to get away,” says Crocker.

Ruthless hijackers

“While we are very proud to have been able to save our customer’s life, we’re very concerned by the apparent ruthlessness of this particular band of hijackers who were able to hijack a man, then allegedly hijack and shoot another man ... and then still have no problem with trying to hijack a third vehicle before taking their initial victim to an area where it appears they planned to murder him. Police will be following up on several leads and we hope arrests will be made soon,” says Crocker.
Meanwhile, Tracker believes that the man shot in the second incident is in Intensive Care at a nearby hospital.
For more information, please contact Gareth Crocker, Tracker’s Communications Manager on (011) 380 0300, 082 78 78 757 or gcrocker@tracker.co.za

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