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Thursday, November 1, 2007
Being monitored

In a clever twist to the idea of tracking motor vehicles nicked by grubby misfits, Tracker and the SAPS have recovered a pile of televisions and other electronic appliances worth almost R1-million.

Their system tracked the movements of a truck, loaded with various televisions, plasma and LCD monitors, radios and MP3 players for an auction, that was hijacked in Parrow
Thought the tracking unit was only activated early the next morning, Tracker was able to access the vehicle’s movement history through advanced satellite tracking technology and investigated the co-ordinates where the truck had stopped prior to it being recovered.
“Together with the SAPS Maitland Dog Unit, we managed to recover the entire load of appliances and electronic goods from one of the three sites we investigated,” enthuses Tracker’s Communications Manager, Gareth Crocker. This was the second time in recent weeks where tracking history was used to trace the process of a crime.
The vehicle tracking industry continues to have a major effect on combating crime in South Africa, as the use of a vehicle is so often at the centre of other forms of violent crime such as cash-in-transit heists, armed robberies and murder. In just over a decade, Tracker has recovered more than 35 000 stolen and hijacked vehicles, which has led to some 6700 arrests.
For more information, please contact Tracker’s Communications Manager, Gareth Crocker on (011) 380 0300, gcrocker@tracker.co.za or 082 78 78 757.

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