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Motor Insurance
Friday, December 1, 2006
Theft prevention

Gerhard Genis, head of claims administration services at Santam, confirms the benefits of theft prevention measures. “Although not all of them will reduce monthly insurance premiums, in the long run these measures will keep your premiums down by reducing claims.”

Santam acknowledges that a significant percentage of recovered stolen vehicles are crushed because their original owners cannot be traced. However, it says, “Since the launch of Datadot in South Africa, major clients Avis and Clarendon Transport Underwriters have seen a 52,4% drop in vehicle theft and a notable increase in the recovery of stolen vehicles – in some cases as high as 87%.”
The technology also reduces the sale of stolen parts by ‘chop shops’, which negatively affects dealers’ sales of new parts. In addition, over 250 microdot recovery kits have been distributed to various vehicle crime-fighting sections within the South African Police Service.
“According to the SAPS the use of microdots will reduce theft and hijacking and will help them identify stolen vehicles.
“Such is the value of this technology that Business Against Crime and the insurance industry as a whole are lobbying to make it mandatory,” says Mr Genis.

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