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Friday, February 1, 2008
Time out for the broker

The newly established South African Broker Administration Centre (SABAC) is in all probability the most innovative development of the past century in the insurance industry. Brokers’ business is dramatically enhanced by existing technology utilised by SABAC.
Managed by DexBrokernet, the centre enables small brokers in particular to render a more consistent, professional and personal service to clients without the need for large numbers of personnel to be employed by the broker.
“This is only the beginning of new dynamics in the insurance industry,” says Jans Wessels, Vice-Chairman of the Dex Group. “We structure and manage available technology in such a way that it enables South African brokers to become more professional by the day.”
SABAC is a personal call and administrative service centre for the ‘smaller’ broker. It results in the broker being accessible to his clients almost day and night, even when abroad, while retaining full ownership of his clients and database.
According to Mr  Wessels, a broker is first and foremost a marketer who should know his products well enough to enable him to provide each client with the best possible advice. Too many brokers are so caught up in administration that their efficiency is limited. The purpose of SABAC is to enable the broker to focus more on his main goal – i.e. marketing, sales and superior service.
Phone calls to brokers are received by SABAC and answered as though it is the broker’s office. The broker’s full client service is handled by the SABAC team of trained financial service providers, “without touching the broker’s commission or database,” he points out.
While playing golf, a broker can now literally put a client through to “his office” without having to employ one single full-time person. The SABAC staff will handle the process on behalf of the broker.
Because the entire process relating to the SABAC client is managed by the BrokerNet system, his details are guaranteed confidential and safeguarded by Dex.
The broker can effectively go on holiday, while SABAC carries on with his business as though the broker is there in person. When the broker returns, he receives a full progress report on any client issues, or claim.

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