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Life Assurance
Monday, March 1, 2010
Word of mouth

HIV Saliva testing has been introduced by 1Lifedirect as part of its life insurance underwriting. Traditionally, the industry would request policy applicants to undergo HIV testing for underwriting purposes. They would have their blood drawn at pathology laboratories, after which the sample would be sent for testing. Results are then forwarded to the life insurer for analysis. The process is usually painful and protracted, with many clients choosing not to undergo the uncomfortable procedure and not take up the cover they applied for.

However, as from 25th January 2010, 1Lifedirect is replacing this procedure with a simple oral swab to ascertain a client’s HIV status.
Accuracy of these tests have been confirmed through numerous studies across South Africa, US, Asia, Central Africa and South America. Studies have shown the accuracy as comparable to the current 4th Generation Elisa Blood Test commonly utilised by the life industry.
In addition to launching the new simpler test, 1Lifedirect will also be making the test itself more accessible to clients by allowing them to use the services of Link Pharmacies countrywide. Clients will no longer be required to go to laboratories for a painful test. Now it can be performed in a couple of minutes at a local Link Pharmacy.
Pharmacists will make use of state of the art mobile devices to identify clients, verify policy details and capture the test results. 1Lifedirect will receive the results immediately and be able to confirm acceptance of a new life insurance policy.
According to 1Lifedirect’s CEO Anton de Souza, “We were the first life insurer to go direct, the first to offer on-line quotes and sales and now, the first to offer HIV saliva testing. Our new mobile technology takes innovation to the next level and we are pleased to offer this convenient and accurate solution to the South African public.”

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