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Aviation Insurance
Wednesday, August 1, 2007
Food for thought

According to a number of London Brokers airline premiums continue to fall even though the statistics look a bit sideways. This is mostly due to extra capacity in the market – which always happens when some profits look likely to be made. New boys come in to suck on the honeysuckle and get very surprised when the berries turn to poison.

The General Aviation account is still ambivalent with some insurers holding their prices while others are dropping them slightly.

Airline food explodes 

A recent headline had it that ‘Exploding curry endangers jumbo’. At first I thought this was a Zoo article but it seems that a BA 747 had about 20 000 quid’s worth of damage caused when a stewardess put some curry in a microwave at 35 000ft and then exploded. Evidently the aerie was out of commission for seven days.
I quite understand the problem having had much the same happen to me after partaking unwisely in a backstreet Indian restaurant.
It seems that the stewardesses (and probably the stewards) have the same high regard for airline food as most of us, and in this case she bought a pre-made meal from a supermarket and tried to heat it up in the on-board nuke. It also seems that this is regularly done and now BA has banned crew from using the on-board business class nukes as they are twice as powerful as the stuff we use downstairs. Note that those on the wood seats at the back don’t get these fancy jobs. Probably heated up on an open fire.
BA sent a confidential memo to staff referring to the incident as having disastrous consequences, but in a press release BA says only that at no time was there any threat to passengers. Yes. Well. By Henry Tours

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