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Pension Funds
Tuesday, July 1, 2008
Research method

Multi-faceted research programme, face to face interviews with:

• 58 funds (representing 110 300 active members, R25bn assets)
• 22 decision makers in Umbrella Fund arrangements (representing 7 612 active members, R1.3bn assets)
• 10 intermediaries
• 1 focus group with blue collar members

Fund types: Pension and provident funds

Fund structure: Both Defined Benefi t (DB) and Defined Contribution (DC) funds were interviewed with a greater focus on DC funds this year. While this reflects the predominant shift towards DC funds in the industry, it means that the findings are not readily comparable with previous Old Mutual Retirement Fund Surveys.
Funds were interviewed from across the spectrum of industry types (35% from within the Manufacturing, Retail and Wholesale sectors) and with a total active membership of 110 300 and a total asset value of R25-billion.
Umbrella Funds that were included in the survey were recruited randomly and showed a total active membership of 7,612 and a total asset value of R1.3-billion.
The intermediaries interviewed were drawn mainly from large national fi rms that offer a range of Employee Benefit services, but specialize in general consulting and brokerage services.
The members selected for the focus group were all lower-income earners (less than R5 000 per month) and aged between 30 and 50. Six of the eight are members of provident funds and three of these are union funds.

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