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Tuesday, February 1, 2005
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Gert Visser has been elected President of the Association of Debt Recovery Agents (ADRA) for 2005.
He is currently a director at Pholosa Asset Management, and has been closely associated with ADRA for some time, serving on the board for two years.
“ADRA initiated the current Debt Collectors Act in order to bring regulatory guidelines to what has been an occupation and may now be regarded as a profession,” explains Mr Visser. “We wrote our own voluntary Code of Conduct and fought for the Act to be passed. We currently have over 250 member companies and the association acts as their voice as well as a controlling body to protect our members’ interests and represent them in the financial community.
“We have worked hard to dispel any negative images about debt recovery agents. Establishing strategic alliances with other bodies in the industry is one of my major objectives for my term as president,” he says.
Other objectives include increased benefits for members – especially for the smaller agencies as they often struggle to comply with the regulations; and establishing ADRA as a strong voice for the industry.
Mr Visser has been in debt recovery since 1992 when he “started at the bottom – collecting on the phone.” His personal goals have always been to bring an understanding of the process, its technology and psychology, to credit grantors, bureaux and consumers.
The Association of Debt Recovery Agents is a national association of debt collection businesses. ADRA’s members include sole proprietorships, partnerships and organisations ranging from one or two person offices to firms with more than 500 employees. Its members handle the collection of retail, professional, bank and institutional accounts for all major credit grantors in the country.
ADRA was formed in 1988 to help collection businesses provide professional services to their clients, to establish ethical standards for the collection industry, and to strive for official recognition of the industry. This major goal was achieved in November 1998 with the passing of the Debt Collectors Act.
ADRA fills the need in the collection industry for self regulation, information and a common voice. For more information please go to www.adraonline.co.za

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