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Wednesday, April 1, 2009
Got it taped

Last year after consulting with the FSB (Financial Services Board) Xelnex says it developed a mobile recording application to assist the banks and insurance companies to comply with all aspects of the FAIS ACT, the General Code of Conduct and other regulations specific to the financial industry.  The product is aimed at assisting businesses keep records of advice given over mobile devices. The recordings can be stored for a period of up to five years with unlimited access via a web browser to listen to calls.

Since then the company says it has encountered other industries where the recording of mobile calls could be useful as an additional tool both to keep and retrieve records of conversations.
It is evident the service has a wider application, for example as a backup tool to confirm technical details, or even to support legal evidence of a conversation should the need arise. Audio files can even be downloaded, or emailed to a source to confirm the information is correct.
Such a voice logging solution will enable users to record mobile conversations ‘while on the move’, so to speak, and to retrieve them from any remote location.
Xelnex says it has developed the recording solution specifically to allow financial planners, legal advisors, stockbrokers and any other advisory professional to extend his secure and legal transacting ability away from the desk or office, any time and anywhere in the world.
The Xelnex Voice Logger simply records a voice file which is instantly encrypted and tagged with a time stamp, the serial number of the mobile phone concerned as well as the mobile number and the caller's mobile or telephone number.
It is then streamed to a secure vault or storage environment for immediate access via a web interface. The client or any authorised representative can access the mobile conversation or message as a secure voice file, decrypt it and listen to it again or download it directly to their local computer.
Please visit www.xelnex.com to view a video of the product, and for further information.

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