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Sunday, July 1, 2007
Tracing with Tracker

Two murder suspects were arrested through the tracking history of a vehicle’s security system. Tracker says that it was able to retrace the course of a stolen vehicle’s precise movements for two days prior to it being tracked down in a rural area near Umthatha.

The drama began when a Cape Town woman who was supposed to pick up her daughter on a Saturday afternoon never arrived. After notifying the authorities, it was later discovered the woman’s vehicle had Tracker fitted so a family member contacted the company for its assistance. Tracker then began monitoring the vehicle on the Monday morning, and found it shortly before nightfall in a rural area near Umthatha. Tracker crews as well as members of the Cape Town and Umthatha SAPS Organised Crime unit as well as the Umthatha Dog Unit were involved in retrieving the vehicle.
By Tuesday morning police and Tracker personnel were confident the vehicle’s hijackers were hiding out in the area and called in specialised police tracker dogs to assist. The search continued for the remainder of the day. Meanwhile, a Tracker operational team, together with police, accessed the vehicle’s travel history through the Tracker SkyTrax technology to see if it could provide any clues as to the whereabouts of the missing woman.
They discovered that the vehicle had stopped at two key areas: one, outside a bank in Cape Town and two, a house in Brooklyn. Upon investigation, police entered the premises late on the Tuesday morning where, sadly, they discovered the body of the missing woman crudely rolled up in sheets of plastic.
Meanwhile back in Umthatha, as night fell, police and Tracker members cordoned off a 20-hectare area and waited to continue their search for the suspects the following morning.
And so it was the next day the search resumed together with a Tracker chopper where, after several hours, the men were finally found and arrested late in the afternoon.
Says Tracker’s Communications Manager, Gareth Crocker, “We would like to offer our most sincere condolences to the family of the victim and are assisting them with trauma counseling to help them come to terms with their loss. We are, however, extremely pleased by the fact that, as a result of our latest technology, Tracker SkyTrax, and the determined efforts of the police, we were effectively able to ‘travel back in time’ and retrace the vehicle’s exact movements over the two days that it was missing, which ultimately led to the discovery of the victim’s body. We are confident this will assist greatly as investigators compile their case for court.
“Without overstating matters, in a technological sense we’re now entering an era in vehicle communications where things that were previously perceived as being far fetched - the realm of Hollywood - are now not only in sight, but are right on Tracker’s doorstep.”
Tracker SkyTrax is possibly best known as being the technology behind Hollard’s “Pay as you Drive” insurance offering, which was launched in South Africa last year.
For more information, please contact Gareth Crocker on (011) 380 0300, 082 78 78 757 or gcrocker@tracker.co.za

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