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Safety and Security
Saturday, September 1, 2007
A phone call away

Once upon a time ordinary South Africans could wake up in the morning, fetch their milk and paper on the front porch, walk the dogs and let the children play hide and seek in the yard. No burglar bars, no security systems, no crime. Sadly, those days are long gone. Menial tasks like drawing money from an ATM have now become a security threat.

Comments senior underwriter at AIG, Catia Folgore, “Crime is a worldwide problem. However, in South Africa we are dealing with unique challenges. We want to give South African families the assurance that should they ever have the misfortune of being a victim of a carjacking, housebreaking, hijacking, office invasion or even an ATM assault, our new Family Protector Plan could cover their expenses up to as far as R1 million.”
The policy gives individuals and their families worldwide indemnity coverage against criminal attacks and identity theft.
And there’s more. It’s a good thing to be insured, but when you are trapped in a life-threatening situation you need instant results. This is where the mobile location-based services of mobiles2go can help.
The first, called ‘i-Kids’ is the world’s first GPS-based pre-teen safety device. It is a cell phone with only four buttons. Parents can pre-program the device to enable their children to speed dial in the event of trouble. They can authorise the numbers they dial. Adults in turn can carry the new MobiTracker security phone, which also allows calls to four numbers and an emergency number.
The GPS functionality of both devices enables you to pin-point the exact location of a member of your family in seconds. Parents can also set three adjustable safety zones for the i-Kids handset, such as the route to school for example. It will then alert parents immediately if their children move out of the pre-programmed areas.
Comments David Lehman, MD of mobiles2go “Sadly there’s never any guarantees when it comes to your family’s safety, but having our phone service can certainly assist in locating a missing family member. It’s about peace of mind.
A complimentary service to the above is a loss avoidance training programme from Thomas A. Clayton Consultants Inc. (with headquarters in San Diego County, California). Clayton Consultants provides expertise on issues such as kidnapping, extortion and malicious product tampering.
Provided the Family Protector Plan is in place, calls made from the i-Kids and/or MobiTracker devices will automatically be channelled to Clayton’s Call Centre from where the necessary response vehicles and initiatives will be put in place.

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