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Risk Management
Saturday, March 1, 2008
Positive action

As part of Santam’s focus on risk management, the short-term insurer has launched a television and radio campaign to advise consumers on ways and means of addressing the current electricity crisis. It is also offering clients alternative sources of power such as batteries, power packs and generators, at discounted rates.

Margaret Massie, Executive Head of People and Brand Services at Santam, explains as follows, “Load shedding and continuing power blackouts in the country are impacting on every single South African and on the South African business community in particular. Santam believes that the broader business community as well as ordinary South Africans have a role to play in dealing with this. We have therefore created a tactical risk management campaign with practical risk management tips and unique offers to address this issue and effectively help consumers to manage their risks.”
Massie says that, by choosing to manage their risks, clients are in a position to exercise greater control and ultimately to reduce their risks. Santam’s role is to assist clients in this process and to provide practical advice and assistance.
The new radio and television campaign commenced on Sunday, 24th February and will run for a period of four weeks. During the first week of the new campaign, the focus will be on the importance of back-up batteries for alarm systems.
“As back-up batteries for alarm, electric gates, electric fences and garage doors have a limited lifespan of only 2-3 years, they need to be checked regularly for proper functioning. Santam is offering clients access to the services of technicians who will visit their home or workplace to assess the status of these batteries, as well as discounts on the purchase of replacement batteries,” says Massie.
During the remaining three weeks of the campaign the focus will be on power packs and generators that Santam will offer at discounted rates to all clients.
“Our whole approach is to offer clients a more trouble-free and rewarding life by enabling them to take positive actions that will minimise the risks that they face. In this way we hope to portray short-term insurance not as a grudge purchase, but rather as a lifestyle option that will make one’s life ‘safer’ in line with our brand promise. Continuing disruptions to the electricity supply are one of several risks that can and should be managed in order to live a more trouble-free and rewarding life,” concludes Massie.

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