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Consumer Affairs
Thursday, February 1, 2007
Keyboard to success

If you are thinking of buying computer supplies from Digital Planet – a web-based Johannesburg distributor – we suggest you don’t. We tried them for the first time 21st November 2006. Though prices are reasonably competitive, they took too long to deliver the order, and referred us to the courier to track where it was. Though Digital Planet promises five to seven working days, it took 10 working days (or two full weeks). In addition the Microsoft Keyboard was faulty. Instead of organising a swift swap out, the product had to be returned to Johannesburg for it to be passed on to ‘its suppliers’.

It may not be Digital Planet’s fault there was something wrong with the keyboard, but its protocol for handling the matter is unacceptable. In any case if Amazon can despatch within two hours why does it take Digital Planet two weeks?
Aside from this the company is yet another impenetrable organisation. It is impossible to communicate with it other than through the childish answer service that starts with ‘Hey, hey, hey,’ and proceeds to give you the usual run down of dial options, none of which include a complaints procedure, nor a way to speak to the managing director. It was all a bit of a mission to get service.
In the end, we asked for a refund. That was paid after some days. In all the sorry affair took from 20th November, when we paid for the order, and 18th December 2006 when the refund was made. Digital Planet had supplied us with two Gigabyte motherboards, which were satisfactory, only it had still taken two weeks for their delivery.
Eventually the keyboard we wanted was obtained from another source (around 8th January) and the cost was about 10% less. Meanwhile, those annoying telephone answering systems (many companies seem to be at it) will be the subject of another story next month.

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