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Wednesday, September 3, 2014 - 08:07
Stingy Samsung

I am disappointed with Samsung because it provides a warranty of only six months on its travel adapters for recharging cell phones. This means that Samsung expects its chargers to fail after six months, which is not very helpful. I have had several Samsung mobile phones and the one with the problem is a Galaxy 4s Mini. The USB cable is OK but the actual travel adaptor plug is faulty.

Lerato (reference for call 7110619579) on the company’s help line explains that cell phones carry a two year warranty while “accessories” carry a six month guarantee. I explained to her that this was wrong because it meant that you have to spend R189 for a new adaptor because the company can’t make things properly. In any case, the word “accessory” means a subordinate or supplementary item; something nonessential (my italics). Well, a travel adaptor is not an accessory because it is essential; without it the mobile phone will not work. I guess, from a legal point of view, Samsung’s warranty conditions could therefore be challenged.
The new Samsung 5s and 5s mini are being launched and, as far as I can see the 5s mini is not much of an advance on the 4s mini. Most of the features are the same, and I even believe the company is removing the radio component. A brief survey of what is out there in the market reveals that the HTC One mini 2 (announced May 2014) is way ahead of the new Galaxy 5s mini (announced June 2014), although HTC has withdrawn from South Africa because the market is too small to justify the adspend to compete with the likes of Samsung. Though it has appointed a local distributor (Ingram Micro Mobility) there do not appear to be too many HTC devices available.
Interestingly HTC’s warranty on “accessories” is 12 months; and, incidentally, so is Samsung’s – if you buy in the UK. So, how does that work?

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