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Aviation Industry
Tuesday, February 1, 2005
More disputes

In SA more and more claims are disputed by insurers, some for good reasons, others less so. In a recent crash in which four people lost their lives I was astonished to find that the Civil Aviation Authority took little or no interest in spite of the cause of the crash being as yet unknown. Although their representative had visited the crash site on the day of the accident, no effort was made to secure the wreckage.
A day later it was even more astonishing to find the insurance assessor happily packing away vital instruments like the fuel gauges and fuel flow switch. He also had to make arrangements for the wreck to be taken to a workshop for examination. The CAA’s lackadaisical attitude could have been extremely prejudicial had there been any dispute by insurers as to the cause of the crash. or if the passenger estates look for grounds for compensation. Why do we pay the CAA at all if they won’t do even the most elementary part of their job? I thought that we were making progress with the staff reshuffle and disposal of unsatisfactory members, but nothing changes. By Henry Tours

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