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Travel Insurance
Monday, May 1, 1989
You need more than policies

A special anti-infection medical kit for travellers has been developed by Travel Assistance International (TAI). It has been designed for use in areas where hospital facilities are limited, and re-usable medical equipment is used. The kit contains intravenous catheters, antiseptic swabs, skin closure strips, disposable needles and syringes, dressing tape, suturing needles and thread for stitching and a drip set.
There is a general medical guide to help travellers as well as a pocket for personal med ic in es.
Says Munro Deysel, manager of TAI. “We particularly recommend that people travelling anywhere in Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands, southern and Eastern Europe, Asia, the Far East, Middle East and South America carry these kits. It is very important for the elderly to travel equipped with them as well.
“With the chances of contracting infection increasing alarmingly, for instance, AIDS and hepatitis B, we recognised the need for such a preventative kit. “The Medical Director of Europ Assistance worldwide, together with our own consulting physician, researched what equipment would be most effective. They took into account that travellers are limited as to how much they can carry and the kit weighs only 240g.”
The kit is on sale at the TAI and there is a special introductory offer available to companies.

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