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Saturday, December 1, 2012
Of theft, fraud and spies…

Justicia Investigations is a national detective agency focusing on crime in the workplace, including theft, fraud and espionage. It now has an undercover division and experienced detectives in its forensic division. It says it successfully makes use of polygraph testing, and covert electronic solutions.

“Over the past 20 years, the threat of criminal activity that industries have faced has moved from outside perpetrators to employees. They take advantage of their inside knowledge or collude with outsiders to commit crimes, and these have large ramifications for companies, either financially or to their brand image,” says Reg Horne, managing director of Justicia Investigations.
He says the company opened its doors 20 years ago when Horne, an SAPS detective with 14 years’ police experience at the time, realised that corporate companies were not being adequately protected.
Another string was added to its bow through the establishment of “Whistle Blowers” about 12 years ago to gather information via anonymous callers. It had become evident that the solution to internal theft was not merely investigation and apprehending the perpetrators as, time and again, the same problem would rear its ugly head within the same companies. Whistle Blowers provides an independent hotline service accredited by the Ethics Institute of South Africa. It has both a domestic and extensive global client base.
Michael J Comer is a leading fraud and compliance practitioner who, from a survey of employees around the globe, established that 25% of staff were fundamentally honest and wouldn’t ever steal; 25% would steal if given the opportunity; and, the balance would react according to the culture of the company.
Says Horne, “It is essential that everything possible is done to ensure a culture of a business is honest and bring its honest employees into the crime-fighting fold. Staff education is a key part of this process, reassuring employees of their anonymity and making them aware that by reporting dishonest colleagues, they are protecting their own jobs and the future of the company.”
One serious trend during the last ten years has been the large amount of company theft that is perpetrated by buying the silence of, or actually involving security guards in the commission of crimes. In answer Justicia established another division called “Guarding SA”, both as an external measure and also for infiltrating undercover agents amongst its guard force, to prevent its own security guards from colluding with criminal elements. The polygraph division is used extensively in this company, not only in pre-employment testing, but also in periodic testing of guards to uphold the integrity of this high risk element.
“Our high success rate is not luck,” says Horne: “it stems from our team’s dedication, experience, expertise, state of the art equipment and our professionalism - and the fact that we have a thorough understanding of both business and legislation. It is important for us to build up a relationship of mutual trust and respect with our clients, as this is when we obtain the best results.
“Over the years we have traded mainly by word of mouth and referrals. We do not sell products – we sell solutions. We work closely with various police departments and agencies, always in the interest of obtaining the best result for our clients.”

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