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Thursday, October 1, 2009
The Martians turn Sydney red

It looks like there are men on Mars after all – and women! According to recent reports a huge dust storm attacked Sydney Australia around 22nd September 2009. With gusts of up to 100 kph, the city became clothed in a fine red dust. Cyclists who went out said they came back looking like red Panda’s and anyone brave enough to go for a walk had their shoes turned pink or red (depending on the base colour!). According to ABC News the dust reduced visibility across the city and large parts of the state to as little as 50 metres, with doctors warning asthmatics and people with weak hearts to stay indoors - they could get frightened to death by Martians. Some birds were being blown out of their nests whilst others trying to fly about their normal business started dropping out of the sky.

Meanwhile there were a huge amount of fire alarms – not because of Martian ray guns – but because dust was confusing fire detectors and creating havoc for fire brigades. It must have been a bit confusing for them with lots of houses turning bright orange with the rising sun.
It reminds me of the time Clint Eastwood painted the town of Lago red – although for a much different reason – in his movie High Plains Drifter. Certainly, dust will be easier to clean off than paint. 

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