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Thursday, October 1, 2009
We get you

Hollard says its new brand campaign lives up to the company’s irreverent label and brings a touch of fun into insurance by proclaiming, “We get you”. The new campaign was launched 1st September.

“We believe that insurance does not have to be dull and boring,” says Krisen Govender, Hollard’s Head of Marketing and Communications. “The campaign illustrates that we acknowledge there’s more to people than meets the eye – much like saying never judge a book by its cover.
“The creative concept interprets ‘We Get You’ through portraying everyday people in the foreground, while the shadow they cast reveals, in each instance, that they have attitudes, opinions, hopes, dreams, aspirations and emotions - as we all do. This suggests they are multi-faceted, surprising and unique. We encourage and celebrate this idea in our customers, our partners and our employees,” he explains.
“Our aim was to bring our idea of people to life through imagination in the form of a campaign that brings fun into insurance advertising.” He also says that it was imperative that the brand campaign had to resonate with Hollard staff and partners. “It was essential that we lived up to the message and promise internally first as we needed total commitment to the promise. The aim was to make ‘We Get You’ a customer service promise that all our stakeholders were passionate about. And it was embraced with great pride.”
The challenge was to delineate quite clearly what made Hollard different from the next insurance company. At the same time there was a need to underscore the company’s three key principles: insight, imagination and implementation.
Hollard sees itself as ‘different’ in the way it challenges convention, and continually puts itself in its client’s shoes “to find the best partnerships and solutions”.
Govened explains that Hollard was built on an ethos of doing things differently, of challenging the norm and because of this we’ve had many firsts including being the first insurer to offer life cover to HIV-positive people, and the first to offer pet and legal insurance. The company has grown and nurtured a reputation of having fun and thinking outside of the proverbial insurance box.”
The Hollard brand has been in the South African for 29 years. In last year’s Sunday Times Markinor Brands and Branding survey, Hollard ranked 4th in Life and 3rd in Short-Term Business in the Consumer category. Today, 1 300 employees provide both short-term and life insurance services to more than six million policyholders in South Africa and abroad.

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