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Aviation Industry
Tuesday, February 1, 2005
Flight of fancy

In an extraordinary continuing saga authorities playing the inevitable race card, have refused to accept the failing of a student pilot.
The alleged pilot has been under training for a considerable time at the Airforce flying school. He failed a number of exams and as is usual in the circumstances was told to find another career in which his and other people’s lives were not at stake. Driving a taxi was not an option.
In strode the authorities, refusing to accept the failure and calling it “Race discrimination”. Presumably their argument was that there should be no bar to previously disadvantaged persons, just because they might otherwise kill people.
Said authorities demanded that he be given an additional 40 hours training, which he got. He still missed the pass by a large margin and emphasised his fitness to fly by crashing the training aircraft. He stuffed the undercart, prop, wing and nosewheel. This was described as ‘light’ damage. The saga continues.
The mind boggles. I can only quote from George Leach who says, “Training is what you get after the accident.” By Henry Tours

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