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Liability Insurance
Thursday, February 21, 2013 - 15:50
Domestic danger

Those homeowners who often entertain children or guests in their homes should make sure they have sufficient personal liability insurance in place so they are protected against possible adverse claims for any incident that might occur.

According to Nazeer Hoosen, Executive Director: PPS Short-Term Insurance Division, it is imperative for consumers to take the necessary precautions by checking their homeowners insurance policy provides a certain amount of personal liability cover. “Claims can run into the millions of rands when one takes into account the high costs of legal fees, hospitalisation, medical bills and other necessary measures to rectify a situation.
“A recent personal liability claim at PPS amounted to approximately R2 million after a guest’s foot was stuck in a swimming pool weir. This resulted in the guest falling and injuring himself badly. If the homeowner had had no liability cover in place they would have had to pay the entire expense out of their own pocket.”
When it comes to liability cover it is important for consumers to review their lifestyle to ensure their cover is sufficient. For example, those consumers who entertain guests or their children’s friends on a frequent basis should consider increasing any standard liability insurance to ensure adequate cover is in place in the event of a claim.
“Homeowners who tend to have large properties, swimming pools or dangerous equipment - such as trampolines, lawnmowers, quad bikes or jungle gyms - are most at risk of personal liability claims as the environment is more susceptible to someone becoming injured.
“All consumers should have liability insurance in place. For those who are uncertain about whether they have the appropriate cover, or if their cover is sufficient, it is always best to speak to an experienced financial adviser who can review their insurances and make any necessary recommendations.”

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