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Short term Insurance
Monday, July 1, 2013
Official events only

Cyclesure is a short term insurance package, specially designed for all cycling enthusiasts, whether they are a recreational or a professional cyclist. lt covers all risks, both in South Africa and internationally. Cyclesure, which was the first cover of its kind in South Africa, provides:
AII Risks for bicycle and accessories based on replacement value;
Theft, hijacking, damage incurred during international, national, provincial or club events, time trails or track events;
Legal Liability;
Personal Accident Cover - death or permanent disabitity of R20 000; and,
Medical benefits up to R2 000, provided the client was participating in “official racing events only”.

For the best specialised service and advice please contact: 0861 29 25 37; anny@cyclesure.co.za, or visit www.cyclesure.co.za

Since Hollard lnsurance first opened its doors in 1980, the forming partnerships with various innovative specialists and experts has been fundamental to our growth and diversity. By backing innovators and pioneering new ideas, the company has consistently delivered genuine specialisation and customised insurance solutions to a broad range of South African businesses and consumers.
This philosophy of partnership and innovation has seen Hollard grow into an organisation that today spans nine countries, employs more than 2 000 people worldwide in the service of more than six million policyholders and which, in the year to July 2012, had a turnover of more than R14 billion.
All partnerships are constructed for long-term sustainability, using as a foundation the idea of a 'win-win-win' proposition:  one in which the consumer, the Hollard partner and Hollard itself all benefit.
Our partnership with Cyclesure is no different. Through matching our marketing, operational and risk management skills with Cyclesure's specialist underwriting abilities and their deep understanding of the cycling lifestyle, we have been able to design a range of benefits that speak to the often unique set of risks to which bicycles and cyclists themselves are exposed. Cyclesure’s insight-driven approach to insurance matches our philosophy of ensuring that insurance solutions meet real needs in a transparent and value-driven manner.
Hollard is about making an enduring and sustainable difference to our policyholders, our partners, our industry and the communities we serve.

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