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Thursday, November 1, 2007
Model of convenience

Santam says it has introduced a new Broker Management Model designed to provide a single point of contact for its brokers with “seamless transaction capability”.

The model relies on the use of Key Account Managers who are responsible for all business interactions between Santam and its brokers. The service includes guidance and expertise to help grow the broker’s business.
The Key Account Manager will enjoy the backing of a team of administrators and operational assistants, including underwriting experts, who will be located in Santam’s newly-created ‘Centres of Expertise’. State-of-the art Contact Centre technology will provide further support and improved service delivery for the broker as well as increased efficiency for Santam.
As Edward Gibbens, Executive Head of Broker Services at Santam, explains, “We have taken the decision to become totally intermediary-driven in response to the needs of our clients. This means that our own business can only grow on the back of growth in our brokers’ business. To achieve that clearly we have to ensure we provide brokers with the best possible support.
“Our Key Account Managers must maintain personal relationships with our brokers in order to understand their individual needs and to provide appropriate tailor-made solutions across all our businesses, including personal and commercial lines and our corporate business.”
Caroline da Silva, Santam’s Head of Portfolio Management, says, “Without the administrative burden, but with the full back-up of the distribution team, the Key Account Manager is able to concentrate on finding innovative solutions at a strategic level, and to explore the opportunities for cross-selling.
“We are not only changing our structures and processes but our whole approach to the way we do business with our brokers. We have to be sufficiently flexible in order to accommodate the needs of our brokers, not the other way around. In terms of this new model, brokers will become full business partners.”
Quinten Matthew, Head of Broker Services at Santam, advises that the Centres of Expertise established in terms of the new model will result in improved service and turn-around times and provide an efficient platform for all transactional activities. The intention is to facilitate immediate access to decision-making and to technical advice and assistance.
“Underwriting experts will be located in the Centres of Expertise, which will be responsible for all Personal and Commercial transactional activity. Brokers and Key Account managers will have a single point of contact for transactional activities as well as access to real-time and consistent technical expertise. Through the Centres of Expertise we will ensure that transactions are seamless and business convenience greatly enhanced.”

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