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Monday, March 1, 2010
Not user friendly

First National Bank/RMB recently made a unilateral change to its Internet Banking services, without thinking things through adequately. Its trivial in a sense, but nevertheless annoying. Reveals the banking notice: when you select your Payments Tab you will notice that your Online Banking Recipients will be sorted in a more user-friendly way, and goes on to describe the arrangement. Essentially the bank has decided you want all your recipients divided up into three groups: newly created recipients, those that have been paid in the last three months, and those that have not. This is hardly ‘user-friendly’, since you have to look in three places for a name instead of one.

There is a contact email service which you can entitle ‘complaints’, but the bank is ignoring the messages.
The question is ‘why did they do this?’ Another question is, ‘why ignore a customer’s complaint?’
And maybe another question is this: ‘Which turkey decided this would be user friendly, and why didn’t he or she ask customers first?’
A discussion with RMB finally got this response; ‘We fall under FNB and it was their decision so we can do nothing about it.’ Such response should be grouped under ‘authoritarianism’, or the ‘corporate veil’. Basically it means that whatever’s wrong it is someone else’s fault.
Sure this is a trivial article, but it speaks volumes about the way capitalism treats consumers.
PS I’ll give you another laugh next month with a trivial article on Pick ‘N Pay mince pies.

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