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Short term Insurance
Friday, December 1, 2006
Xtend a heart

Auto & General Insurance has recently added two new offerings to its comprehensive product portfolio –Auto Xtend and Young @ Heart.

Auto Xtend covers the shortfall when a client submits a motor claim and the amount paid out under his comprehensive short-term insurance policy is less than the amount still owed to the finance house.
Young @ Heart has been created especially for clients over the age of 50. This offers a range benefits including a funeral policy, premium waivers for retrenchment, dread disease and death as well as Expo-Sure, which provides protection in the event of accidental exposure to HIV/Aids for the client and his or her family.
There is also a cash-back element, which comes standard with the policy. In addition, clients have the option to waive all excesses including those for radio and windscreens.
According to Angelo Haggiyannes, director of Auto & General Insurance, “Launching Auto Xtend and Young @ Heart is just the tip of the iceberg for us. There are many more exciting products and concepts in the pipeline.
“We are determined to affirm our long-term success by developing new products and business concepts, which will not only benefit our broker partners but our clients too.
As such, “We have a dedicated department responsible for starting new businesses and investigating and creating new products.”

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