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Consumer Affairs
Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Auto & General recently has embarked on a drive to educate consumers about short-term insurance and its possible pitfalls.

Says Leon Vermaak, the company’s CEO, “Clients invariably apply their minds to their policies when they need to claim. That’s when contentious things like excesses and insured values come into play. At that stage, it is too late to do anything. This is why Auto & General has decided to clarify the various issues beforehand through its consumer education drive.”
This will involve television infomercials, which are currently being shown on most channels.
Topical short-term insurance issues that are covered in this initiative range from an explanation of excesses to guidance on correction evaluations of your vehicle and home contents.
“Besides educating the general consumer, we also back this up with an excellent service,” he adds.
Witness the company’s service guarantees, for example:
• if we do not return a client’s call within 15 minutes, he will receive one month’s free insurance;
• a lifetime guarantee on all vehicle repair work
• immediate car hire if a client’s vehicle is involved in an accident and it is being repaired, or if a vehicle was stolen (with car-hire option selected).

“We are certain that consumers will benefit from this educational drive. Through this we will try to make sure that our clients are always aware of their short-term insurance rights and are empowered to make the right choices.”

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