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Friday, February 1, 2008
Losing interest

It was a year ago I wrote about Digital Planet (see Insurance Times & Investments Vol 20.1 page 21 February 2007). I think it is part of the Comztek Group. Anyway, loyal to a fault, I ordered more materials from its Internet service late October last year. Don’t ask me why — I got stupidly seduced by their huge lists of stock.
If you re-read my article of last year you will be quite entitled to think I must have been nuts. I must quickly say upfront that the second affair was a complete disaster, and I urge all our readers (including us!) and Online site visitors to avoid Digital Planet at all costs.
Of the 13 items on the account over half were put ‘on back order’; and eventually three of them were no longer available. One thing I did not realise during the December 2006 experience, but found out this time round, was that these turkeys do not actually carry any stock!!
Pay a visit to their site (Google the SA site ‘Digital Planet’) and avoid being amazed at the huge lists of items they have for sale. They don’t have any of the stuff at all.
Essentially, if you order goods, they expect you to pay and then send you an order reference, reiterating for the umpteenth time that you must give five to seven days for delivery. But you’d better make that five to seven weeks! And be prepared to be disappointed when an email comes along in a few weeks’ time to say that this or that is no longer in stock and inviting you to choose an alternative, invariably more expensive.
How they operate is really shocking. After receiving your money they then order from “their suppliers”, at which stage they actually have no idea whether any of the items they have sold to you are actually available. In one instance I ordered a specific video card. An email came the next week to say it was no longer available. On enquiry a call centre clerk said the email was incorrect, that the card was in fact on back order. A week later the price as listed on their site was reduced, inviting suckers to ‘purchase while stocks last’. Such people probably ended up paying a higher price for an alternative item.
Hah! Eventually we get the card, about six weeks later, and it was the wrong one!!
Remember they are sitting on your money. It took me five weeks to get a complete refund for the items they could not deliver and, despite a promise, failed to refund the R50 delivery charge for a delivery that did not take place; nor did they pay a R100 compensation for lost interest to which they had agreed..
Well, let me tell you, I’ve lost interest. By Nigel Benetton

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