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Retirement Planning
Wednesday, October 30, 2013 - 10:30
Efficient backing

Retiring comfortably – it’s what you do with your savings that counts
The Efficient Group, a JSE-listed financial services and asset management company, has partnered with this year’s Retirement Expo as presenting sponsor to take its message to the market – it’s not only how much you save that counts for a comfortable retirement, it’s how well you plan.
Heiko Weidhase, Chief Executive Officer at Efficient Group, says although many South Africans save far too little to accommodate their ultimate retirement needs, a large proportion of the shortfall on retirement relates not to inadequate savings only, but to inadequate planning.
“With effective planning and an appropriate asset allocation strategy during their working years most people would be able to significantly enhance their retirement benefits. Effective planning and structuring after retirement remains critical to ensure that your long-term income and investment objectives are met, regardless of market and economic cycles.”
Efficient Group recommends that people plan effectively well in advance of retirement, to assess the likely future value of their provisions, and adjust their spending and savings patterns and the structure of their investments to help them achieve their goals.
Efficient Group says it is supporting the Retirement Expo as part of its work to help guide clients through the complex world of financial planning, risk management and investment management while ensuring that they are exposed to products and solutions that have been vigorously pre-assessed to ensure suitability and sustainability.
Visitors to the Efficient Group’s stand at the Retirement Expo will have access to a number of specialist financial advisors to advise them on the state of their finances, savings and investment structures, their medical aid and short-term insurance, their wills and trusts and any other aspects of their financial affairs. Efficient Group will also be hosting investment and economic presentations and panel discussions to give expo visitors the opportunity to direct any questions they may have to a specialist.
Lynn Chamier, General Manager of the Retirement Expo says Efficient Group’s ethos of sound financial planning ties in with the overall theme of the Retirement Expo: ‘Live.Plan.Play.’ The event is designed to present visitors aged 45 and older with all the financial planning and lifestyle information they need to ensure the retirement of their dreams.
The expo will also present retirement planning products; lifestyle, health, financial and other services; travel destinations and options; health products and services; home, hobbies and fitness products; retirement and holiday properties; as well as security and care products and services.
The third annual Retirement Expo, organised by Thebe Exhibitions and Projects, will be held from 25-27 October 2013 at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg. For more information visit www.retirementexpo.co.za or follow @retirementexpo on Twitter.

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